Year of Birth
  • Whats the story of you getting in to triathlon?
  • I was just cyclist until my friends chose me as a part of a relay on some triathlon in 2006. I’ve been cyclist there. I was so impressive experience  that next triathlon I wanted to do just myself. I was starting with sprint distances, after that with Olympic and few years ago with half Ironmans and full Ironman distances. Triathlon got me totally.
  • Do you have a job, which is not related with triathlon? And how do you manage your job, intensive training and leisure time?
  • I don’t know any job which which related directly to triathlon. Maybe coach or professional rider. But I am working with bicycles so I am thinking that sometimes my job is a small element of triathlon. It is pretty hard to split time between job, training and family. Training before job, training after job, training with family, spend leisure time with family and combine it. I didn’t found correct recipe for it yet.
  • How you develop your stamina?
  • Every single day is testing my stamina. Not just in sport but in whole life. In sport I am trying to train myself as much as it is possible but listen what my body wants to say me and respect it too.