Year of Birth  1975
My Name is Anke Weihermüller, I was born on 09.06.1975 in Germany and i’m female.
In former times i was doing high persormance gymnastics and later on i started Long distance running an then Triathlon.
in 2016 i was winner of the Age Group in Long Distance Triathlon in Posen/Poland. This year i did several 50 km running competitions and 24 h Swimming.
In August this will be my first Double Ultra Tri and I’m very excited about that.
My friend Stefan Thielen is coming with me and he will also do the race.
  • What are your the biggest supporters in triathlon race?
  • One of my best friends is supporting me during the race and that is also the biggest Motivation for me to finish the race! I’m not starting to give up!
  • How many competition  do you have per year?
  • I have about 5-6 competitions per year, but not only Triathlon competitions. There are also Marathon cometitions and Utra running competitions included.
  • Could you describe word triathlon  in three words?
  • Fun, discipline, variety –  besides  swim – bike – run 🙂