Year of Birth
  • Whats the story of you getting in to triathlon?
  • I got into triathlon almost 3 years ago. It was something I’ve always wanted to do. I heard about a double ultra distance in a book written by ultra triathlete Gerry Duffy!
  • Wow! You do triathlon about 3 years and you are ready for  ultra tri race… Were you doing any professional sport before?
  • Nope, no sport professionally but I played Gaelic Football (a type of Irish football) and did track & field when I was growing up.
  • What are you favorite snacks in competition trace?
  • Sandwiches, chicken especially. Sausage rolls and bananas too!
  • Do you often feel like you don‘t want to do this anymore? And maybe you have tips or advises how to motivate yourself?
  • Most of my motivation during and training comes from my 2 heroes who are also endurance athletes. Gerry Duffy and David Goggins