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Country FRANCE
Year of Birth 1969

I started the triathlon in 2014 and I did 2 races IRONMAN.

In 2018 it will be my first ultra trialtlon.

My wife will accompany me to support me during the race

  • Whats the story of you getting in to triathlon?
  • I started the triathlon in 2014. I start with competitions in short distances (format S), then average distances, then long distances. I did my first IRONMAN in 2016. I have now realized 3 IRONMAN competitions.
  • Why do you choose to do such long distances?
  • So at Panevezys in August this will be my first ultra-double Ironman competition. For me it will be a new challenge to know if I can finish such a long distance event. Personally, I prefer as often athletes of my age long distance triathlon as small distances.
  • Could you describe word triathlon  in three words? 
  • Three words, of course: NAGER; ROLL; RUN ! But more seriously, I like triathlon because it allows me to overtake more and more; and I like the 3 disciplines of triathlon. I play this sport club and I also enjoy the collective spirit with my friends of the triathlon club. But above all I practice this sport with my wife who is also IRONWOMAN. She will be present at Panevezys to help me in my competition.