Marco Bartel


Marco Bartel


Year of Birth
  • Whats the story of you getting in to triathlon?
  • I played soccer before. Wasn’t even bad. But I didn’t liked the aggressive mood of this game. Playing soccer was a tradition in my family. As I’d loved to be a Rebell , with the age of 14 I decided to make something different. This time I worked in a sport shop. My chief there was a cycling pro in his younger ages and his opinion about soccer was even worse than mine. One of our soccer coaches – named Bime – finished the first Ironman in Switzerland, so I decided to ask him for help to go in my first triathlon. My first triathlon in 1986 – without any preparation – was 1.5 swim, 60 bike, 15 run. The fact that there was only one finisher behind me, motivated me to start training. After more than 30 Ironmans I decided to search my limits in ultra triathlon.
  • Why you choosing to participate in Panevėžys race for last few years?
  • I heard about the spirit of Panevezys from a team mate in my younger times. He told me about the city and how people are interested in this sport. When I saw the race on IUTA there was no question open. When I returned after the first race it was not only because of the sport. I met a lot of people and I wanted to see them again. I love the city of tri and it’s people.
  • Could you tell the most exiting, emotional or funniest experience which have happened in races?
  • It was last year, when I gave up the race. Together with my team I gave back the racenumber at the finish line. I was very sorry for them, because they helped me al the time.