Nuppu Hepo-oja





Year of Birth  1980
 Ironmom with two awesome kids, a full time job, dog and lovely husband. After 2009 4 full distance triathlons (+4 halfs), 26 marathons and this is my first ultra triathlon, so excited. Love for photos too (Canon and GoPro)
  • Whats the story of you getting in to triathlon?
  • I’m Nuppu. 38 years old mom from Finland. I started doing sports only at 2009. First just running (I have done 26. marathon), but I had a problem with my foot and that’s why I changet to triathlon. I did my first full distance 2015. And I have done 4 full distances.
  • Why do you choose to do such long distances?
  • After finishing the full one I think that I can do a longer race. I read an sport science article about differs between Ironman racers and ultra-triathletes. That was the time when I had the idea, that this could be a thing for me. Now we just have to see how it will go.
  • Could you describe word triathlon  in three words?
  • Attitude, distance, goal