Country ITALY
Year of Birth 1964
 I was born in Milan on December 27th 1964 I am a triathlete for about 10 years
I made exactly 11 of them the last two as a guide to a blind boy
I’m happy to participate in your performance.
  • Whats the story of you getting in to triathlon?
  •  I have been participating for ten years in the ironman distance triathlon competitions. I completed 13 full distance, 2 of which as a guide for a blind person.This made me decide to try a new challenge and then this double ironman will be my first one.


  • Do you have a job, which is not related with triathlon? And how do you manage your job, intensive trainings and leisure time?
  • I do not have a job related to sport, I’m an external technician on the whole Italian territory. This does not help me in the coaches as they are always looking for new places to train, limiting the preparation for cycling on Saturday and Sunday
  • Do you have any tips for person who wants to achieve something in sport or to be long distance triathlete?
  • Advice for those who want to go long distance do not exacerbate the body to avoid stoppages, when you are well you want more and more, but we all know that: whoever wants nothing gets (Italian proverb)