The City of TRI World Cup Race 2018


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August 23rd – 26th, 2018

7.6 km swim Open water


Saturday, 25th August, 2018

11:00 Start of swim (lake next to hotel Romantic) – 19 laps open water (water temperature 20oC +/-3oC. There will be a pontoon for your support crews to provide you with race nutrition).

Attention: Australian Exit after every swim lap! You will have to exit the water every lap to get past the timing system.



360.00 km Bike city park

~11:00 – 13:00 – Start of bike. There will surely be a helping had to get you out of the water, a changing tents for men and women. Inside the tent your bags will be numbered – change your clothes, put your wetsuits back to bags and.. GO GO GO! You will have to ride the transition from the lake to the racetrack (~2.5 km) and then ~80 laps on your bike (we are still measuring the racetrack, but you will be informed before the race. Lap count is still athletes responsibility, but this time we will have timing chip system and live results on our website, so you and your team will be able to track your progress. After the swim is done all the bags will be brought to the race camp and your supporters and volunteers will bring them to your tents. And yes – we will provide you with race tents in the race camp. And yes, the will be a bench, a table and power supply inside. And the cycling track is fully illuminated with daylight LED lights, so no hiding in the dark! And you will still need a light in front of your bike and a blinking red light in the back (of your bike).

Bike course.JPG



 84.4 km run

~21:00-8:00 – Start of the Run. Just a couple of marathons to go! You get of your bike at your race tent, leave it there, change to your running gear (there will be a closed to public tent with lightning if you need to change some more). There will be ~50 running laps in the City park,



Video of the racetrack

IUTA (Iternational Ultra Triathlon association) world cup point race

THE CITY OF TRI age group categories

Best support teams, best hotels for the best athletes

Huge prizes (up to 1000 euros) for the athletes

Amazing fan support throughout the race


OVERALL Winners (men and women are awarded equally)
1st man and women– 1000 €
2nd man and women – 750 €
3rd man and women – 500 €
4th man and women – 300 €
5th man and women – 200 €
Prizes apply to 50 or more starters of the race. If 40-49 starters – 90 % of the above mentioned prize money, 30-39 starters – 80 % of the above mentioned prize money, 20-29 starters – 70 % of the above mentioned prize money, less then 20 starters – 40 % of the above mentioned prize money. 13th June 2018 there are 38 participants registered for the race!
AGE GROUP Winners (men and women)
Every age group winner will be awarded with The City of TRI 2018 winners cup and prizes from our sponsors. Podium finishers will be awarded with cups/medals.

Register today:

Starting fee:

150 € until 2017-12-31

200 € until 2018-04-01

250 € until 2018-05-01

300 € until 2018-06-01

400 € until 2018-07-01

500 € until 2018-08-20

You can make the payment at

SEB bankas
Banko code 70440
Acount number LT437044060005463722
Panevezio triatlono klubas
Purpose: Ultra Triathlon World cup race Starting fee ~athletes name~
Or you can ask for an PayPal invoice us 🙂 Contact 

More info soon!!







In addition to The City Of TRI Double Ultra triathlon race we also have a TEAM RACE. Team race also applies to the IUTA rules (

Every team consists of 3 members.

Each member of the team has to (one of the following):

  1. Swim 3,8 km  + Run 42,2 km
  2. Swim 3,8 km + Cycle 180 km
  3. Run 42,2 km + Cycle 180 km


Starting fee for a team – 300 eur.

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